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  For the Love of Critters, Inc. (FLOC) Welcomes you!

        Our Mission

    FLOC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the protection and well-being

        of all companion animals in Western New York through community interaction and outreach.


 FLOCís four main goals are to:



 promote interest in, and advance and disseminate to the public-at-large, information regarding responsible pet

        adoption, appropriate pet care, and other animal welfare issues;



identify, and disseminate to the public, information about those community resources that will enable all pet owners to

        commit to and plan for the life-long care of their companion animals;



promote a collaborative effort among animal rescue and shelter groups in addressing the plight of homeless strays and

        abandoned companion animals and putting an end to the killing of animals in shelters; and



raise public awareness about the missions, services, and needs of animal rescue, shelter, and welfare groups in the

        Western New York area.

About FLOC               

FLOC is an all volunteer-run organization. Our Board of Directors consists of three people who are passionate about helping all potential and current pet owners provide a lifetime of care for their companion animals so that these animals never get surrendered to shelters, euthanized, or end up on the street as strays.

Every year thousands of companion animals are killed in overcrowded shelters after being lost, abandoned, or surrendered by their owners. In 2007, in Erie County New York, just one shelter alone took in 13,830 cats and dogs. Of those, 5506 were euthanized, 2224 at the request of the owner or guardian. Through its programs, FLOC encourages

potential pet owners to adopt responsibly and provides practical information that will help all pet owners commit to and plan

for the life-long care of their companion animals.

     FLOCís vision is to see:  

  • that all pets are adopted responsibly;
  • that all pet owners commit to and plan for the life-long care of their companion animals; and
  • a collaborative effort by all animal welfare, rescue, and shelter groups to end animal euthanasia due to overcrowded shelters or owner request.

FLOC has developed and implemented two initiatives to achieve its mission, the Keep Each and Every Pet (K.E.E.P.) Program and

the Critter Events Program, both of which are described in the 'Programs' section of this website.   

Contact Information                          

FLOC does not have a permanent office location. Please contact us by E-mail, mail, or phone should you

have any questions, or if you represent any of the following:



Anyone interested in attending a Critter Colloquia Series K.E.E.P. seminar, or who would like to arrange a private seminar for at least 5 attendees.



An animal welfare, rescue, or shelter group that would like to be a participant at a Critter Event.



Anyone 18 or older interested in volunteering with FLOC. Take a look at our posting at




A vendor of animal-related products or services who would like to participate in a Critter Event.



An individual, group, business, or corporation concerned about the welfare of animals in western New York who would like learn more about our programs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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P.O. Box 714, West Seneca, NY 14224
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